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TIS Consulting Group is a consulting firm focused on addressing operational, tactical and strategic productivity problems faced by organizations from the analytical sound perspective. In collaboration with our clients, we identify, prioritize and dissect the areas of improvement opportunities to develop solutions tailored specifically for each problem and each reality.

Our consultants are experts in the development and use of sophisticated analytical tools to find solutions for challenging problems in areas such as logistics, distribution, production, supply chain coordination, health care delivery systems, among others.

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  • June, 16, 2016
    Livestock Analytics, intelligence for the feedlot

    Today, Tec Review published an article about one of our R&D+i projects; a software called Livestock Analytics…

  • November, 27, 2014
    Guaranteeing an Acceptable Future Level of Service to Clients

    Incrementing demand and attracting new customers is commonly seen among the purposes of any business. But, what happens if the company does not have capacity to meet the increased needs of its customers? This can be unfavorable to the company as could affect its reputation. Therefore, a study to guarantee an acceptable level of service [...]

  • November, 27, 2014
    How can I understand if my advertising efforts are attracting new customers?

    Is it through published advertisement, social network advertisement, or which method is having the best performance? How can I understand the way my market perceives my advertisement? Nowadays, technology has provided new ways to attract customers, but at the same time analyzing the impact of these efforts became more complex. Additionally, a growing concern for [...]