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TIS Consulting Group is a consulting firm focused on addressing operational, tactical and strategic productivity problems faced by organizations from the analytical sound perspective. In collaboration with our clients, we identify, prioritize and dissect the areas of improvement opportunities to develop solutions tailored specifically for each problem and each reality.

Our consultants are experts in the development and use of sophisticated analytical tools to find solutions for challenging problems in areas such as logistics, distribution, production, supply chain coordination, health care delivery systems, among others.

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  • April, 04, 2014
    Customer churn

    Customer churn is defined in most of companies as an expected loss of clients. Recent studies have increased the importance of this loss by comparing the cost of attracting a new customer versus maintaining one, being the former more costly. Customer churn includes the loss of future sales and resources that were expended in attracting [...]

  • April, 02, 2014
    Demand Forecasting

    Logistics, particularly over the past few years, has been a decisive factor in the growth and development of countless organizations. New manufacturing technologies have enabled companies to lower their costs like never before; but eventually a time comes where cost reduction reaches its limit – and where logistics can mark the difference between business success [...]

  • March, 28, 2014
    Analytical Improvement in Emergency Services

    Medical emergency response services provide assistance to events of illness or injury that require urgent attention. In the basic medical emergency response service, an ambulance is required to provide treatment and transportation. The efficiency of an emergency service has an effect over the wellbeing of the society since timely medical attention can reduce suffering, mortality [...]