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Making decisions has become competitive too. Data has become so popular –that lots of companies have mastered to leverage it. We can help you do it too, from daily 'stuff' to long term decisions.

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We have ridden the wave of using analytical sound methods for 15 years, from the time it seemed as an odd idea, until now when is becoming a must –rather and a should. Today, all businesses regardless of size, activity or location MUST embrace a data-driven culture to be serious about the future. We are a boutique consulting firm focused on addressing problems using business analytics and fact-based decision making. We work in any problem of any type and scope. We can deliver solutions, recommendations, research studies and even software. As long as we can generate data to support our recommendations, we can help you.




One of the main restrictions in agribusiness has to do with logistics. We can help you to study, diagnose and design agro-logistics for your organization...
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Facility Location

We focus on the logistics within the facility location decision; by analyzing current and expected supply chains to determine optimal locations based in the total landed cost...
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Maritime Port Planning

We help in the forecasting and capacity planning of maritime ports at the strategic, tactical and operational levels, helping ports to stay competitive and attracting ships...
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Process and Queue Optimization

We provide operations research to aid process optimization, queue management and logistics; including system design, queueing management, vehicle routing...
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Latest projects

2015 Hermosillo, Mx.

Livestock Analytics: intelligent software for cattle feedlots

Livestock Analytics is a system that helps you make better decisions by acquiring and analyzing individual data from your...


Advanced Analytics, Data Processing and Analysis, Field Work, Optimization, Sampling and Data Acquisition, Software Engineering
2011 Mexico City, Mx.

Farm-to-school logistics analysis in Mexico

In 2010 Mexico became the country with larger obesity rates worldwide and among the top with largest growth in child...


Data Processing and Analysis, Optimization, Public Policy, Remote Team, Sampling and Data Acquisition
2011 Hermosillo, Mx

Retail location evaluation tool development

Mustache is a 40-year old ice cream, snack and drinks store chain founded in Hermosillo, Sonora; with currently 70 stores...


Advanced Analytics, Data Processing and Analysis, Sampling and Data Acquisition, Software Engineering


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