TIS Consulting

About us

TIS Consulting Group was founded in 2001 by a group of professionals affiliated to top-ranked universities in the U.S. Since the beginning, our goal was to bring business analytics to companies and organizations that could benefit from fact-based decision making.

We have ridden the wave of using analytical sound methods from the time it may have seemed as an odd idea, until now when is becoming a must –rather and a should. Today, business analytics is booming and any organization serious about its future must embrace a data-driven culture. It wouldn’t be fair if competitors knew more than you; it wouldn’t be nice to let great opportunities pass by; it wouldn’t be sustainable if everyone else could make [it] better.

We’ve turned the rudder and shifted gears to focus on helping the most needed. It doesn’t matter your company’s size, your business model, your stage or your previous knowledge in data-driven tools and methods. If you need specific solutions or want long-term support, we’re here for you. If you have the will and if we can get the data, we can help you.

We’re committed to providing you custom-made and sustainable solutions; not made for somebody else, not developed for everyone; but designed just for you. And we’ll do this supported by our team of experts in different areas that can enable fact-based decisions –whether is a day-to-day problem or a strategic planning goal.

Leave the Comfort Zone

Set sail to be the best company you can be. Step by step, project by project, innovation by innovation. We can help you get there.